picUpdate: The administrative offices are off and running. We received approval from the city to proceed with the project. We are now in the process of drawing the plans wheich need to go through the city engineer for approval. God has given us favor in this project! Praise the Lord.

HWC Development – To God be the Glory!

  • Cement work completed at the front and rear of church building
  • Fall Harvest Work Party
  • All of the personal items of the Harpers and the regional items have been placed in their proper storage
  • The drainage from the gutters surrounding the Administrative Office have been installed underground and flow away from the building
  • There is no more water present in the office building basement
  • Lighting installed on exterior emergency exits
  • Lighting installed on flag pole
  • Riding lawn mower has been repaired and is operable
  • Gutters cleaned out
  • Administrative Office Building Fence painted
  • Fence lines cleaned up
  • Cross in front of the building was redone
  • Grade around the buildings
  • Trees and stump removal
  • Lighting was done in front of the house
  • Window screens redone in basement of office building
  • Old tractor was sold for $500.00 and attachments sold for $100.00.  A fund for maintaining the lawn equipment has been established.
  • Parking lot has received crack-fill.  The sealing of the parking lot cannot occur until Spring.      
  • Church building bathrooms have been renovated
  • Emergency lighting installed at all exits, upper room, nursery (meeting space), and restrooms
  • Shelving has been installed for the Décor Team in the basement.
  • Electrical outlets have been changed around the platform.
  • A new media computer and monitor has been purchased (four-year warranty included)
  • A new printer has been purchased for the Senior Pastor (former printer given to the Media Ministry)
  • Family insurance has been provided by HWC for the Weathers family.  A medical reserve was begun with the remaining amount that was not used in the initial fee.
  • Carbon Monoxide Emissions test completed on the church – PPM “0” (Dave Kery did not charge for the test)
  • HWC Web Site has been launched